Galatians 1 from 2 Opposing Viewpoints

Disclaimer: This is not done in any way, shape or form to disparage those in SDA and other Churches that are under deception. It is being done only to point out the reality and danger of spiritual deception that the Devil perpetrates against all people stuck in the Domain of Darkness. Before I was transferred out of the Domain of Darkness into the Kingdom of the Son He Loves (Col. 1) I had no idea I was living in spiritual darkness and in the grasp of the deceiver. Therefore this article and any like it that I may do after are done to reach out and shed light into the darkness of spiritual deception. So that perhaps God the Father through me might lead some out of the darkness and into His glorious light.


There is The Holy Spirit and there is also a spirit of deception. Until you are woken up by the gentle urging of God the Father, and seriously study the scriptures and seek out the Truth about God with all of your heart you will be under the power of the Prince of the Power of the Air. The Father of lies, the Devil, the controller of the world system and master of this spirit of deception. Part of this spirit of deception, this world system, is religious in nature. Around the world religions have risen, mankind’s way of gaining acceptance with God- however the devil has polluted the waters of religion and spirituality with cunning deceptions.

These deceptions look like many of the Christian denominations, they often hijack Christian terminology and change the definitions to further their causes. They don’t take the Word of God as seriously as one would believe at first glance, in fact some jump hither and yon throughout the word, yanking verses out of context to bolster franken-doctrines that cannot be supported by a verse by verse study through the Bible.
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T. Austin-Sparks on Legalism

Today’s Devotional from Daily Open Windows by T. Austin-Sparks is about the collision and incompatibility between Legalism and Grace or more directly, legalism and Christianity.

The Messiah has set us free so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom. So keep on standing firm in it, and stop putting yourselves under the yoke of slavery again.   Gal 5:1

Legalism or Christianity?

“Legalism always crucifies Christ afresh because Legalism cuts out the greatest word in Christianity. The word over the door to true Christianity is the word: “Grace.” Legalism always wipes out “Grace,” and puts in its place: “Law.” Grace is the chief word in the vocabulary of the Christian. Do you notice that where Legalism reaches its fullest expression, it always places the crucifix in the place of the empty tomb? ”
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**FLASH ALERT** Mythbuster 2014 SDA Seminar **FLASH ALERT**

Watch Out…the 2014 Mythbuster Seminar is starting tomorrow and as usual the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is keeping their name off the handouts.

I find it rather ironic (but not surprising at all) that for the 2nd consecutive year it starts during the Annual FAF Conference here in the Inland Empire.

Handed to me tonight at Market Night.

Handed to me tonight at Market Night.

As you can tell it’s trying to be exciting and grab the attention with the title big and bold and questions in the background like:

Can Revelation be understood? How do I know I’m saved? Why is there still suffering? Does God really exist? Where did we come from? Is there hope for tomorrow? Can I beat my addiction? Really, who is God? Is God’s Law Binding?

Just from looking at those questions the Holy Spirit was sending off a danger alarm, but just from reading the front I couldn’t be certain that this was SDA in nature. So how did I realize?

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Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend 2014!

Hello all!

FAF Weekend 2014 is here and for the next 3 days Friday-Sunday we will be looking deeply into a very important topic: The New Covenant!

Just like the last two years we are going to be sending out the conference over live-stream!

For more information you can visit: Former Adventist Fellowship Website!

If needs be I’ll be back here tomorrow to add a link to the live-stream.

I really hope you will join us!

The Undercover Adventist

Just for the record, I Don’t Worship a Day.

There appears to be some kind of communications issue or misunderstanding, or at least that’s how I’m taking it. You see some Adventists seem to think that Christian’s are worshiping…well…Sunday. That’s right apparently some Adventists are equating worshiping ON a day with worshiping the actual day!


SATURDAY (Photo credit: Stefan Sager)

Oh dear.

To put things plainly I don’t worship a day, I worship my risen Lord and Savior ON a day.

There is a huge difference. I mean I don’t run around claiming that you worship Saturn on Saturday, because that would be wrong. However I don’t feel it would be wrong at all to state that you place the Sabbath Day and keeping the Sabbath Day in a more important position than honoring The Lord of the Sabbath. In fact you make the Sabbath Day the Seal of God.

This flies in the face of the scriptures themselves that say that The Holy Spirit in the Believer is the Seal of God, and the Holy Spirit only enters the sinner when they are Born Again!

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Disarming The Investigative Judgment Part 12: Perfect Righteousness

An Introduction

With this final installment of Disarming The Investigative Judgment we’ll finally finish combating all the lies of this Heretical doctrine and come to The Truth. It is by sharing the Truth, and correctly understanding the Word that you can fully understand and accept the gift of Salvation. And be assured of your salvation past, present and future giving you the confidence to not only say that you are saved but to share that truth with others- with assurance.

We are still on SDA’s believe page 130.

The Final Lies

Now the last paragraph:

The Holy Spirit brings the “It is finished” of Calvary within, applying the only experience of God’s acceptance of humanity to us. This “It is finished” of the cross calls in question all other human attempts to gain acceptance. In bringing the Crucified within, the Spirit brings the only ground of our acceptance with God, providing the only genuine title to and fitness for salvation available to us.

Here after all the attempts to whitewash their Doctrine with an Evangelical veneer, in the last words of this paragraph the brush slips- you know. The first two sentences sound almost Evangelical, but even they are not really. Remember earlier their explanation of Christ’s words “It is Finished”.

Calvary’s “It is finished” marked the completion of a perfect life and a perfect sacrifice.

Well of course it did.

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